Access Anywhere

Control your OMNI vending machines remotely.

Exclusive to the custom OMNI Series vending machines from The Discount Vending Store, this software allows you full control of your machines from anywhere in the world. 


CV Remote Access allows you and our tech support specialists 24 hr access to ensure your machine keeps selling.


Change All Machine Settings & Prices

You are virtually at the machine in every way. Anything that you can do physically at the machine can be done remotely!


Clear any errors and alerts

While guaranteed vend sensors do a great job protecting your reputation and your customers' $$$, the simple fact they have to be cleared manually at the machine can be frustrating. Now you can check the machine and reset them remotely and continue selling!


Adjust Temperature & More!

Everything from "no-sale hours" and turning down the cooling during non-peak hours is possible from anywhere in the world!

A cross-device remote machine-management system with a simple and intuitive interface.

Best in class User Onboarding.

We will guide the installation for your fleet of one or hundreds of machines.


Remotely access your machine from anywhere in the world at any time. 

Your machines in one place.

Whether you have 1 machine or a fleet of hundreds, they all are at your fingertips 24 hrs a day.

Remote Tech Support

Not only you, but our award-winning tech support team can access your machine for you.

Import videos, product images and ads instantly

New product photos? Sign a new advertiser for your standby screen? Update media files remotely and keep things fresh!

Try CV Remote Access today! Take your automated vending machines to the next level.